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NABH Accreditation

How to obtain NABH Accreditation

 NABH accreditation qualifies by implementing the standards prescribed by the NABH. Implementation of these standards requires systematic procedures and training as well as changes in operational practices. The implementation of these standards is mainly intended to ensure the best performance and patient safety of hospitals.

Is NABH Accreditation expensive?

This is a misconception that many people have. NABH accreditation does not cost you more, rather through systematic training and best practice, it helps to control unnecessary costs and helps to increase profitability

Is NABH accreditation is possible for small hospitals?

NABH accreditation is possible for large hospitals and even smaller hospitals having more than 10 beds. NABH have two separate standards for hospitals having more than 50 beds (HCO) and hospitals having less than 50 beds (SHCO). In addition to that, there is an entry-level certification for hospitals that cannot fully implement the NABH standards. This gives you the opportunity to start your quality improvement journey without missing any opportunity

What are the benefits of NABH Accreditation

  • Helps to achieve international level recognition though ISQUA

  • It helps to build up an organization that ensures excellent patient care and builds trust in the community and through a systematic management style.

  • It helps the hospital to operate in a profitable manner while maintaining the satisfaction of the patients, as well as hospital staff.

  • Better support and Financial Incentives from Central and State Governments like Market Development Assistance Scheme (up to Rs. 2 Lakhs) for participating in international Medical tourism-related events and International events organized by the Service Export Promotion Council and better package rates for cashless treatment

  • Ensure patient education and prevents unwanted Medico-Legal litigations. 

How to start NABH Accreditation consultancy  Process 

At MCS Consultancy, we start with defining the scope of work and finalize commercial terms. Based on the scope of work we conduct a detailed study about your hospital processes and identify areas for improvement. Then we collaboratively work together for achieving the desired level of service quality by implementing standards. We will handhold you till successful accreditation. Our handholding includes implementation of standards, Self-assessment, NABH Application formalities necessary training, Documentation like creating templates and preparing manuals, Mock audits, and so on. One of the key differentiation of our consultancy service is that Our holistic approach towards quality not only helps you to implement NABH standards but improve lots of value to your organisation by solving complex management issues.

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